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New Voices, New Plays, New York

Please note: The company accepts submissions of plays between August 1 and September 15.

Broad Horizons Theatre Company welcomes submissions of full-length, unpublished plays (non-musicals)--including original works, adaptations, or translations--with casts requiring up to five actors. Before submitting plays, playwrights should consider the company's mission as stated on the home page of this Web site. Also, please note that the company will accept only one submission from each playwright. Selected scripts will undergo a developmental process, which includes:

  • rehearsals and reading performed for invited audiences in New York City or online

  • casting by New York-based casting director

  • roles cast with Equity actors

  • helpful feedback delivered through moderated conversations with audiences

  • one-on-one conferrals with director

  • stipend up to $500 for travel and up to $250 for per diem

Writers must be able and willing to engage fully in developmental process:

  • traveling to New York City for the entirety of the rehearsals and performances

  • engaging fully with actors and directors

  • exercising willingness in considering re-writing parts of the script

Submission deadline is September 15 each year. Rehearsals and reading will take place in New York City.

Writers interested in participating should attach a PDF of their scripts to an e-mail addressed and sent to In the text of the e-mail, the following information should be included:

  • working title

  • writer's name and e-mail address

  • a brief summary of no more than 250 words of the arc of the play

  • if applicable, a brief developmental history of the script

There is an administrative fee of $20 per submission, which should be paid at the time of submission. Payments can be made using your credit card via PayPal.

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