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Mark Dundas Wood Named Literary Manager

January 14, 2023

Since taking the lead during the fall of 2022 in organizing Broad Horizons' annual new play competition, called "New Voices, New Plays, New York," Mark Dundas Wood has been named Literary Manager.

As a member of the board of directors of the company since 2018 and as a faithful volunteer for many years, Mark has played a vital role in Broad Horizons' journey—fundraising, building audiences, offering both sage advice and light-hearted wit, and taking the lead in reading and assessing new plays. His expertise as a playwright and dramaturg will continue to shape our work in giving up-and-coming playwrights a space to grow.



Mark Dundas Wood is a writer and dramaturg living in New York City. 


Originally from Oregon, Mark worked as an arts journalist and teacher before moving to New York City in 1997. His early work as a theater writer was at Willamette Week and The Oregonian. He received MFA degrees in creative writing (University of Oregon, 1989) and in dramaturgy (Columbia University, 2000).

In New York City, he has contributed reviews and articles to various publications both in print and online, including American Theatre, Back Stage,, and The Clyde Fitch Report. He currently writes about cabaret at and was an associate producer for the 37th annual Bistro Awards show in 2022.


As a dramaturg and/or literary manager, Mark has worked for such companies as New Professional Theatre and the New York Musical Festival. His articles have appeared in Prologue and Illuminations, publications of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The Tragic Muse, his stage adaptation of the Henry James novel, was performed at New York City’s Metropolitan Playhouse as part of its Gilded Stage Festival in 2014.


He’s currently exploring a long-held interest in lyric writing and has finished a new play, Who’s This Branson Bede?

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