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Developing New Scripts

In 2001, Broad Horizons Theatre Company began to pursue its mission of developing and promoting promising new works for the theatre. Since then, the company has worked with such playwrights as Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, James McLindon, Eleanor Burgess, Gordon Pengilly, and others.

Broad Horizons’ process for working with playwrights reflects its artistic values:

  • Playwrights who submit a script deserve a response.

  • True to its name, the company seeks and develops a broad range of writing styles.

  • Roles are cast, in consultation with casting director Cindi Rush, with working, professional actors.

  • Each script needs the support of a process tailored to its particularities.

  • Relationships of trust allow for meaningful feedback and fruitful explorations.

While the core of Broad Horizons’ work is producing developmental readings, it also mounts productions. Examples include Evensong by Mary Gage and Tom Form and the Speed of Love by Gordon Pengilly.

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