2022 Winning Play

Each year, Broad Horizons invites playwrights to submit new plays. Out of the many submissions we receive from around the world, we select one winner and several finalists that demonstrate strong potential for engaging audiences and that embody our commitment to diverse voices, styles, and points of view. The winning play receives a staged reading performed for a live audience in New York City.


Rain on Fire by Karen Saari


Abigail by Sarah Tuft

Jane, Queen's Foole by Barbara Blatner

Life on my Knees by William Missouri Downs

Pictured below are the playwright, cast, and director of Broad Horizons' reading of Rain on Fire, which took place on May 9 in New York City.

Back row: Lewis Magruder, Smith Alfieri, Jillian Louis, Heather Landry, Andrea Bianchi, Joey Auzenne. Front row: Andy Prosky, Karen Saari, Andrew Rein.