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Company Looks to Expand Board of Directors

January 16, 2024

With recent fundraising success, growing audiences, consistently strong interest from playwrights around the nation and beyond in our script development program, and our commitment to diversity, the board of directors of the company looks to increase the size of its membership. Toward that end, the company invites interested parties to consider the description of board membership responsibilities, posted below, and send inquiries, to

Description and Responsibilities of Board Membership:

  • Board members are committed to the mission and values of the company. These are described on the home page of this website.

  • Board members' responsibilities include fundraising, building audiences, overseeing the financial life of the company, and attending board meetings.

  • Board meetings usually happen two to four times a year.

  • As Broad Horizons pursues its activities in New York City, board members should live in or near the city so that they can attend events and help build community for the company.

  • Board members may also contribute expertise to the benefit of the company. Areas of expertise may include web design, grant writing, event planning, marketing, and more.

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