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Company Meets Challenge Grant

August 1, 2022

Recognizing Broad Horizons' track record and potential for future success in developing the next generation of new plays for the theatre, The Western Wind Foundation offered the company a matching challenge grant: The foundation will donate one dollar for every dollar the company raises between April 15 and August 1, 2022, up to $10,000.

By August 1, the company reached and surpassed the threshold, raising a total of $10,140. We here at Broad Horizons wish to to express our gratitude to the following generous people whose donations made this fundraising campaign a success:

Up to $5,000

Bill and Connie Doty

Up to $1,500

Three Anonymous Donors

Up to $500

David Gillette

Pamela and Christian Pimsner

Up to $100

Jamie Baker

Christine Carrig

Barbara Blatner

Sheila Kay Davis

Hillary Frey
Justin and Heather Jaynes
Tyler and Karla Magruder

James McLindon

Hunt Oliver
Andrew Rein and Shea Pepper
Multiple anonymous donors

With the successful conclusion of this fundraising campaign, the company has the financial support to continue pursuing its mission of developing and promoting the next generation of new plays.

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