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Introducing Sophia Naylor and her new play,
For a Brighter Tomorrow

Broad Horizons has named For a Brighter Tomorrow by Sophia Naylor as the winning play of its annual new play development program, called "New Voices, New Plays, New York." As the winning play, it will be given a staged reading in New York City. Watch this space for further details about the reading.

Short Summary of For a Brighter Tomorrow

It’s 1974 aboard a secret Soviet space station. Cosmonauts Dmitri and Yuri are discussing the best method to woo Pat Nixon when they are interrupted by an urgent radio message from the USSR: A Soviet ship near Cape Canaveral has seen unusual activity on one of the American launch pads. As they orbit Earth, the two men must do everything they can to find out whether the Americans have benign intentions or whether they are preparing to launch an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) tipped with a nuclear warhead.


Interrupting their work, besides the unstoppable urge to find joy in terrible circumstances, is the revelation of possibly unforgivable mutual betrayals. And, all the while, waiting for their report is the Soviet Union’s anxious leader Brezhnev. When Dmitri and Yuri reach Moscow, they must decide what to tell Brezhnev: Their words could start—or prevent—World War 3.

Bio of Sophia Naylor

Sophia Naylor was born and raised in snowy Minneapolis and now resides happily in the sunny California Bay Area. Her plays include Blood and Dolly, Boxed, All-One!, My Little Big Brother, Delayed, and Frankenstein. Her works have been produced and/or developed by the Pear Theatre, Women in SOLOdarity, Playwrights Center of San Francisco, Minnesota Fringe Festival, and Local Color. Sophia co-founded the murder mystery theater company The Clue Collective, serving as CEO for six years. As well as moving around numbers in spreadsheets and attending to other business ephemera, she wrote, customized, and acted in shows. These include Framed at the Fix, Murder at the Masquerade, and Video Killed the Spandex Star.

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Sophia Naylor

She is a member of the Pear Playwrights Guild (associated with the Pear Theatre). Her work has also been published in literary journals, including Qu and Fresh WordsShe earned an Honors Theater degree from Swarthmore College, specializing in playwriting, dramaturgy, acting, and Shakespeare. You can find her online at

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